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May 2017

Vacation Fun, but now back to Creating!

Greetings to All!

Whew!  I thought April flew by - now May has passed me by but not without having an awesome road trip with my hubby!  More later about our adventures.

So, getting back into the groove has proven harder than I ever thought.  I guess I had never been away from my passion of paper crafting for more than a few days!  But actually being gone for 10 days got my mojo in a grand funk!  I managed to do one project just because I had to try something to bang my mind back into life.  I cased this project from Melanie Joyner at Joy-Stampin.  She is in Denmark I believe and she gave instructions in English, but some of the measurements didn't quite work for me.  So, I made the template from her blog and figured out some that worked better for me.  I have to admit that I loved her colors so much I had to CASE it pretty exact.  I did change a couple things and re-arranged some of the elements, but it looks eerily similar to Melanie!  Thanks Melanie!!!  You managed to inspire me - exactly what I needed.   By the way, Splitcoast Stampers has a great tutorial for the shadowbox and they give great measurements.  Mine ended up being just a tad smaller than theirs, but it worked!
Shadowbox card
Here is a side view showing the 3 layers - front, box, and back card.
Shadowbox card 1
I am really happy with it, and think I will show this card at my Catalog Launch party June 11th.  My peeps are going to love it.  Have ideas swirling in my head as to other decors for it.  Ooooo I can feel the mojo returning!  YaY!
Here are the supplies I used:

Big Shot

 If you would like to make or CASE my card and need the supplies, just click on any of the pictures and it will take you to the website where you can order the products you need!  As always, if you would like to earn discounts, get the first look at new things, and would like a demonstrator for your very own, I would be honored to be yours.  I will help guide you, and help you become a successful demonstrator (even if just a hobby demonstrator).  Join my team!

On to our wonderful trip.  It was a late Anniversary trip and we have wanted to do a road trip forever.  The thing holding us back was always our "transportation".  My Camry or Bill's Highlander just wouldn't have made it.  We thought about renting a car, but I just decided to go out and get a new car. 

As much as I loved my Camry "Emma", she just looked like c&*p and needed some work - not only outside, but her engine as well.  She was 16 years old so, I figured out my budget and was gung ho for another Camry!  Bill and I went "just to look" (you all know how that goes, huh?).  We looked at three different Camry's and since I wanted all the bells and whistles (since this will probably be my last car) the price was starting to creep up.  So, we were walking around and the sales man said - since you are getting up in price, you may want to consider going up to the Avalon.  My first reaction was no, not interested.  Bill encouraged me just to test drive the one they had that was calling us.  So, I did....SOLD!!!  It was just a bit more luxurious than the Camry - which I thought was pretty darn upscale after everything I got on it - and oh, the ride - smooth and quiet!  The GOOD thing, with everything except a moon/sunroof it was cheaper than the Camry!  Well, you know the next scenario - negotiation.  We started out with the CostCo program and hemmed and hawed until they came in with added items and even cheaper!  So, after some tough hours, we drove our new Avalon home! Now I always like to name my cars - my Volvo was "Inga", my Camry was "Emma" (after my Grandma Emma), so what was I to name this one?  Well the color is called "Ooo La La Rouge", so we decided on "Lulu La Rouge"!  Thanks to my hairdresser for suggesting that we call her Lulu!  We love it...I know, weird!!!

To make a long story short (sorry, got carried away) we took our new car on this fantastic drive up the Coast, inland to see the Grandbabies, over to see my 90 year old Uncle, back down to the Coast and came home 10 days later!  It was grand!!!  An awesome experience seeing places that we had never been before and that were definitely on my bucket list.  Seeing my Uncle who is the last of his generation of siblings, was so heartwarming.  The added bonus of seeing my Grandchildren made it even better.  They by far are the sweetest, cutest little ones ever!  I am sure Emily would cringe at me calling her little - she is a lovely 10 year old with the most caring heart ever.  Her sisters are right there with her!  Their baby brother is 10 1/2 months old!  Cute as a button and has this heart capturing smile.  We already miss them so much.

So, that has been our May!  Now, I am super excited about June!  New Stampin' Up! Catalog, my Catalog Launch Lunch June 11, and many more things planned in June!  Hope everyone is making out their wish list - have a few ideas for gifts, prizes and fun stuff at my party!!!  So, until next time, be kind to one another and be sure to make time for Creating With Paper!